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About Gene Therapy Net

The webmaster of Gene Therapy Net, D.A. Bleijs, PhD, has a scientific background in molecular biology and immunology. Since several years, he is involved as a policy officer in the clinical gene therapy trial assessment procedure in the Netherlands. Gene Therapy Net is a non-governmental, personal initiative and is aimed to provide comprehensive and accurate information about gene therapy, clinical trials, research news, and relevant gene therapy regulation and legislation.

The Gene Therapy Net is intended to be informative for professionals, doctors and researchers, as well as for students, patients, regulatory affairs officers, government policy officers, and everyone else interested in gene therapy (see also Press Release "Gene Therapy Enters New Success Story Online", "Gene Therapy Net Launches New Gene Therapy Quiz - Test your gene therapy knowledge" and "Gene Therapy Will be a Vital Part of Future Health Care - Results of Poll on Gene Therapy Net").

Please use the contact form for any questions or remarks.  


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