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Newsletter April 2020

News: Wyatt Technology Pioneers Multi-CQA Method for Gene Vectors
Wyatt Technology, the world leader in instrumentation for absolute macromolecular and nanoparticle characterization, announces the release of a novel method suitable for determining multiple critical quality attributes of adeno-associated virus and similar small gene vectors, in a single chromatographic run. The method is based on SEC-MALS, which combines size-exclusion chromatography for separation with multi-angle light scattering for characterization.

News: New gene therapy product Zolgensma to treat spinal muscular atrophy
The EMA has recommended granting a conditional marketing authorisation in the European Union for the gene therapy Zolgensma(onasemnogene abeparvovec)to treat babies and young children with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), a rare and often fatal genetic disease that causes muscle weakness and progressive loss of movement. There are currently limited treatment options for children with SMAin the EU. Patients also receive physical aids to support muscular functions and help them and their families cope with the symptoms of the disease.

Conference: Onco Cell Therapy Summit USA
The Onco Cell Therapy Summit (OCTS), 7-9 July 2020, formerly the CAR-T Congress, is an event that brings industry together to share novel research, manufacturing techniques and regulatory best practice. Each session of OCTS 2020 is dedicated to translating your novel data assets & IP into commercially viable oncological therapies.
OCTS is a 4-track event and whilst bringing together the key decision makers for CAR-T therapies, this year’s event will have an added focus on the ground breaking science that is driving the surge of interest in harnessing alternative cell therapies in cancer treatments.
Kisaco Research is committed to providing attendees across all of our events with the best possible experience, it’s for this reason we’ve decided to go digital and embrace the amazing new technology that enables us to deliver a virtual event.

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Conference: Formulation & Drug Delivery Series UK
Our premiere Formulation and Drug Delivery Congress, 8-9 July 2020 in London features the latest development in biologics and small molecule formulation and delivery. Learn from our dedicated streams on drug product manufacturing, innovative therapies of the future and bioanalysis & characterisation. Co-located with our Inhalation & Respiratory Drug Delivery congress and Biomanufacturing congress.
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Conference: 2nd Drug Delivery Conference
This 2nd Drug Delivery Conference, 20-23 July 2020 in Lisbon, Portugal, focuses on the design, synthesis and clinical validation of new drug delivery vehicles, and is designed to bridge the gap between basic science and unmet clinical needs with a particular focus on gene editing therapeutics, RNA therapeutics, sustained release technologies and immuno-engineering. The field is rapidly evolving and is having a significant clinical impact but there are still a number of challenges associated with accelerating the pace in transitioning into the clinic. Recent advances in chemistry, genetics and biochemistry have majorly impacted drug delivery based therapeutics and this conference aims to make these new developments accessible to a broad audience.
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Conference: RNAi-Based Therapeutics Summit
The RNAi- Based Therapeutics Summit, 21-23 July 2020 in Boston, is the only industry-focused, scientific platform for large pharma, innovative biotech and key opinion leaders of academia dedicated to harnessing the full therapeutic opportunity of upcoming RNAi platforms.
Focusing on successfully optimizing cell-specific RNAi strategies, overcoming pharmacology & delivery challenges to accelerate translation & clinical development of RNAi therapeutics in the liver, CNS & beyond.
With a number of RNAi based clinical candidates emerging and momentum building in the field, join the RNAi- Based Therapeutics Summit – your comprehensive, industry-focused meeting dedicated to bringing together senior biopharmaceutical leaders from discovery, translation & clinical development functions to advance pioneering RNAi platforms that improve patient outcomes

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Conference: Bioprocessing Summit Europe
With the global market for gene therapy expected to hit $13 billion (USD) by 2024 (Research And Markets), Bioprocessing Summit Europe is returning 21-23 July 2020 in Barcelona with its popular Gene Therapy CMC and Manufacturing track. Expanding to a new venue to accommodate increased registrations, the meeting will take place at The Crowne Plaza Barcelona (Spain)–Fira Center.
From the Plenary Keynote by Diane Blumenthal, PhD, Head, Technical Development, Spark Therapeutics, the first company to obtain approval of a gene-therapy product in the EU and US, to insights from Biogen, Sanofi, Vivet Therapeutics, Takeda and Ultragenyx, content will focus on accelerating therapies into the market.

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- 15 - 17 April 2020, Neuroimmunology Drug Development Summit - Translating Neuroimmunological Mechanisms into Clinically Effective Neurodegenerative Targeting Therapeutics, Boston, MA
- 12 - 15 May 2020, American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (ASGCT) 23th Annual Meeting, Boston, MA
- 3 - 4 June 2020, 2nd Annual Gene and Cell Therapy: Quality Developments to Commercialization Summit, Munich, Germany
- 8 - 9 July 2020, Formulation and Drug Delivery conference - Cell & Gene Therapy Biomanufacturing: Insights, Key Strategies & Novel Approaches, London, UK
- 8 - 9 July 2020, Onco Cell Therapy Summit USA, Boston, MA
- 20 - 23 July 2020, 2nd Drug Delivery Conference Bridging the Gap between Basic Science and Unmet Clinical Needs, Lisbon, Portugal
- 21 - 23 July 2020, RNAi-Based Therapeutics Summit, Boston, MA
- 21 - 23 July 2020, Bioprocessing Summit Europe, Barcelona, Spain
- 4 - 6 August 2020, Gene Therapy Immunogenicity Summit, Boston, MA
- 5 - 7 August 2020, Neuroimmunology Drug Development Summit - Translating Neuroimmunological Mechanisms into Clinically Effective Neurodegenerative Targeting Therapeutics, Boston, MA
- 18 - 20 August 2020, 2nd Annual Cell Engager Summit, Boston, MA
- 24 - 26 August 2020, Innate Killer Summit 2020, San Diego, CA
- 24 - 26 August 2020, World Orphan Drug Congress USA, Gaylord, National Harbor, Maryland
- 24 - 28 August 2020, 12th annual Bioprocessing Summit, Boston, MA
- 31 August - 4 September 2020, PEGS: The Essential Protein Engineering and Cell Therapy Summit - Cell and Gene Therapies, Boston, MA
- 1 - 3 September 2020, Gene Therapy Analytical Development Europe, London, UK
- 7 - 9 September 2020, 15th Annual World Advanced Therapies Congress, London, UK
- 14 - 17 September 2020, CAR-TCR Summit USA, Boston, MA
- 15 - 17 September 2020, Bioanalytical strategies for Cell & Gene Therapies workshop, Málaga, Spain
- 21 - 22 September 2020, Bioproduction Summit on Advances in AAV for Gene Therapy & Protein Production, San Francisco, CA
- 22 - 24 September 2020, Advanced Therapies Manufacturing Strategy Summit, Boston, MA
- 22 - 25 September 2020, Patient Centric Cell Therapy Supply Chain Summit, Philadelphia, PA
- 1 – 3 October 2020, 2020 Cell Therapies and Immunotherapy Conference, Naples, Italy
- 6 – 7 October 2020, Cell Series UK 2020 - Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturing, London, UK
- 15 - 16 October 2020, Global Cell and Gene Therapy Innovation Leaders Shanghai Forum - Asia Pharma R&D Leaders Summit 2020, Shanghai, China
- 20 – 21 October 2020, Cell & Gene Therapy Research & Development Congress Asia 2020, Taipei, Taiwan
- 20 – 23 October 2020, XXVIII Congress of the European Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (ESGCT), Edinburgh UK
- 26 - 28 October 2020, Allogeneic Cell Therapies Summit 2020, Boston, MA
- 3 - 4 November 2020, 6th Annual Biopharma Development and Production (BDP) Week - 2nd Annual Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing, Shanghai Hongqiao, China


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