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Gene Therapy and Molecular Biology

The scope of Gene Therapy and Molecular Biology is to promote interaction between researchers in the fields of Gene Therapy and Molecular Biology providing rapid publication of review articles and research papers. Articles, both invited and submitted, review or report novel findings of importance to a general audience in gene therapy, molecular medicine, gene discovery, and molecular biology with emphasis to molecular mechanisms. The journal will accept papers on all aspects of gene therapy including gene delivery systems, gene therapy of cancer and other diseases (e.g. CFTR, hemophilia, AIDS, restenosis) at the clinical, preclinical or cell culture stage, gene discovery, cancer immunotherapy, DNA vaccines, use of DNA regulatory elements in gene transfer, cell therapy and transplantation, arraying technologies & DNA chips, peptide libraries and drug discovery related to gene therapy, cell targeting, gene targeting, therapy with oligonucleotides (antisense, ribozymes, triplex). The authors are encouraged to elaborate on the molecular mechanisms that govern a gene therapy approach. Gene Therapy and Molecular Biology will also publish articles on, transcription factors, DNA replication, recombination, repair, chromatin, nuclear matrix, DNA regulatory regions, locus control regions, protein phosphorylation, signal transduction, development, and on molecular mechanism of human disease.

Please note that the website of the journal ( is no longer active.